MGM + = IGT Cleopatra Slots for iPhone!?!

MGM + = IGT Cleopatra Slots for iPhone!?!

MGM + = IGT Cleopatra Slots for iPhone!?!

Wow. After denying American players online version of one of the slots the world’s most beloved franchises, namely Cleopatra Slots, IGT has partnered with MGM to not only provide an online version, but MOBILE online version. And if that’s not enough, it is designed from the ground up to work with the # 1 most hyped cell phone the last decade.

Of course we are talking about the iPhone (but also the iPad, iPod Touch, and anything else that could handle Apps). But there are two small caveats to keep in mind. One, it is a “non-bet” version, which means there is not much return for the Free Spin + Multiplier payouts that people come back to Cleopatra, Cleopatra II, et cetera.

And to keep two, this is very specially reserved for MGM’s “M life Players Club” members. We are not saying that membership is not a good thing, by any means. We have many happy hours (days?) Spent At several MGM resorts. We are simply saying that you have to sign up if you want to Cleopatra to take home with you …

UPDATE: our resident iGuru has checked into the matter and states that Cleopatra was available ( M Life without membership) on the iPhone for a year or so though. has iwool was pulled over our iEyes? Hopefully one of our many iReaders will help settle the iMatter …

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