Las Vegas: A Big Step Towards “Caesar’s Online”

Las Vegas: A Big Step Towards “Caesar’s Online”

Las Vegas: A Big Step Towards “Caesar’s Online”

The Nevada Gaming Control Board took a close look at Caesars Entertainment when it became known that the company was involved with none other than 888 Holdings. On Wednesday, a three-member panel of the Board ruled that Caesars was well within the laws and regulations of the Nevada Foreign Gaming Act.

Admittedly, the issue still requires approval from the overall Nevada Gaming Commission (March 24th is the next meeting), but despite explicit denials that this is any sort of license, the ruling has quickly been interpreted by many as a good sign for an improved online gambling environment in the United States.

Mitch Garber, CEO of Caesars Interactive, believes that the ruling “confirms that Internet gaming is a reality. It should allow us to look more and more at a federally regulated environment in the United States.”

Caesars has agreements with 888 subsidiaries such as Fordart Ltd., and Cassava Enterprises Ltd. in order to further the WSOP and allow Caesars to take advantage of the UK’s thriving online gambling market. “It’s a business to business agreement that would allow Caesars to offer games in the UK,” stated NGCB panel member A.G. Burnett.


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